Kittens, Kittens, and More Kittens

Jun 2 2007

I have one neighbor who is a horribly irresponsible cat owner. In the 6 years I’ve lived in this house, their cat has had at least 8 litters of kittens. While I’m disgusted with how poorly they care for their cat, and how little interest they have in the kittens, every spring I get to play with some furry bundles of kitten love!

Some years they move into my yard permanently and I end up having to find the little guys homes, some years they just come to visit and then go back where they came from.

These little ones showed up yesterday. Look like they’re around 5 weeks old. Their eyes were all glued shut, one so bad I was sure he’d be blind. But I cleaned them up, and gave them some antibiotic opthalmic ointment, and today, they’re looking much better.

I know, I should probably cat-nap the mama and get her fixed. Last year she had a litter of TEN kittens. Luckily, this year there are just three.

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2 Responses to “Kittens, Kittens, and More Kittens”

  1. Mira says:

    Oh Kathy, You should catch the mama cat and fix her up. It’s not your duty for being a kitten nanny all the time. Enough is nough:)

  2. Ron says:

    There’s a group you may be interested in, called Alley Cat Allies, Inc. Check out this brochure.Ron

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