Help Our Friends Pick a Baby Name

Jun 6 2007

Our friends Ryan and Rian Mason (yes, they’re both named R*an) are expecting a baby girl in October. They already have a daughter, named Meadow, and they need some help naming baby-girl #2. Ideas anyone? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Click on the comments link below to give us your 2 cents.

p.s. Anyone want a kitten? See my last post

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Filed under: Name Game

19 Responses to “Help Our Friends Pick a Baby Name”

  1. Katherine says:

    Yes, I’m leaving a comment on my own blog. What about Sophie?I watched The DaVinci Code last night, and the female lead was named Sophie. If I didn’t already have my future baby girl’s name picked out, I might snap that one up myself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like Shayla. That was my #1 girls name (well actually #2 but Katherine called dibs on my #1). I ended up with three boys (one actually named Ryan). I would hate for the name to go to waste.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I vote for RainKind of like Meadow, kind of like Ryan/Rian…

  4. J. Nicole says:

    Mine is Isabella Krystel, but Krystel is pronounced “chris-stell” so it’s kind of different. I told B that we had first thought of Madison Elizabeth. I’ve got a bunch of others written down somewhere. I’ll look for it and get back to you.=)

  5. Vanessa says:

    Our daughter is named Kayla. I have friends who have a Sage and a Sofia/Sofie. I also have another friend who has a girl named Addilyn, which I love. Grace and Evie and Chloe. If she likes the R*an names, she can do Rain or Rayne or Raine or even Ryann. If I think of more, I’ll let you know.Vanessa

  6. Anonymous says:

    Since the parents names are similar, I like the trend of the kids names being similar. So, #1 is Meadow, so #2 could be Marissa.~Patrice

  7. Anonymous says:

    Shaniqua is my first pick. If they don’t roll with that, how about Dandelion?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I have a few suggestions:RainbowSunnyDakotaCaliFelicityKaylen Miquela (Mik-kay-la)OrchardNeela (knee-la)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Autumn RainAutumn BrookeIris RoseClay <—that's meReah -pronounced re uhRiqui LailahIf I think of some more, I will post later.Clay

  10. Katherine says:

    Gallia pronounced “GALL-ee-ah” with the accent on the “gall” syllable. Some people pronounce it “gall-ya” too.Yes, that’s my last name… but it’s also a first name for a girl. Alternate spellings I’ve seen are Galia and Galya. You could call her Lia/Lya (pronounced like Leah).Actually, I like Lia/Lya/Leah as a full name, too.Other names (these are mostly names of women/girls I know…)AbbieAmbriaDariaJuliaGianna (pronounced john-a)GiorgiaMartaPhoebePearl

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I found some earthy names – don’t know if that’s what you are looking for (some of them are earthy meanings)-Ainsley-Alize-Amaya-Amber-Aracely/i-Ashlyn/Ashlan-Autumn (already listed above)-Bryony-Chloe-Laurel/Lauren-Lynley-Marina-Oceane/Oceanana-Savannah-Sierra-Sky/Skyla/Skyla(e)r-Sloane (not earthy but a name we almost used)-Sorelle-Summer-Sydney-TierraWow – that was a lot, I hope you like them. Nicole B.

  12. Katherine says:

    Aurora (means dawn)Sierra (means mountain range)Sydney (means wide meadow)Kaya (means pure)Nadia (means hope)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Happy (means happy)

  14. Shelley says:

    My vote is for Chloe! I’m just sayin… All Chloe’s seem to be cute as pie!!

  15. Joanie K. says:

    Sarafina Danielle MasonAlexandra Danielle MasonRianna Gold Danielle MasonAlyssa RiannaDanielle Rainbow Chantal BriannaAshley Love

  16. Katherine says:

    Someone suggested Reina to me today. That’s pronounced (Rain-Ah).

  17. Anonymous says:


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