GoDaddy Sucks

May 21 2007

A few months ago, Bryan and I decided to consolidate our various websites under one hosting account. That would mean upgrading to an account that would allow us to host more than one domain. We looked around and decided to go with GoDaddy’s “Deluxe” account, which for $6.99 a month comes with 100 gigs of storage, 1000 gigs of bandwidth, unlimited domains and subdomains, and 1000 emails. Sounds good, right?

Well, I upgraded my account to the deluxe package and in preparation for the transfer of my main site…the one you’re viewing now…I went in to set up the email account. Since I use my email as my primary email, I couldn’t afford to have any downtime. That’s when I found out their dirty secret: Those “1,000″ emails can only be on the main domain, any “add on” domains didn’t get their own email accounts. So, if Bryan wanted to keep his email (which he uses as his primary email), we’d have to pay an additional $20 a year. And that’s just for If we then wanted to set up email for our other domains, we’d have to pay another $20 a year for each domain.


So, I contacted GoDaddy to express my frustration. And their response? They’ll pass on my suggestion to their developers. I said I would take my business elsewhere, and they didn’t even bat an eyelash. No apology for their (intentionally) misleading marketing materials and product descriptions. I know GoDaddy is often criticized for its horrible customer service, but I was shocked at their disinterest in keeping me as a customer.

I have not yet canceled my GoDaddy account, as I’m still migrating my other sites to the new host, so I don’t yet know if they’ll actually give me my $$ back. To save a whopping $10, I payed for 2 years of hosting up front. You can rest assured I won’t do that again.

In case you’re wondering, my new host is HostGator. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. Wish me luck.

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One Response to “GoDaddy Sucks”

  1. bLiTzJoN says:

    I had a similiar encounter, so I opted to go with IX Webhosting. Other than the normal goodies you’d expect, one of the items that pushed it over the top for me was ColdFusion.

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