30,000 hits and climbing, Digg it? I've been dug.

Mar 12 2007

So, I woke up yesterday morning to a wonderful surprise. I’ve been dug. And with it, my hits have gone through the roof. In just 48 hours, I’ve had 30,000+ visitors! That’s more than I’ve gotten since I set up the site 5 years ago.

I appreciate all the positive comments and suggestions. I haven’t had time to read through them all yet, but I will! I must say, however, that I never claimed to be a programmer or that my time sensitive style switcher was groundbreaking new technology.

The point of my original post was to share something with you all that I had been unable to find after days and days of searching online. If I had trouble finding a solution, I’m sure others have had similar difficulties, so I wanted to share my success.

There may be other ways to do it (and I notice that a few of my commenters have indeed implemented similar features on their own websites). I look forward to testing out some of their other techniques, and if I find one that works better than my current code, I’m not too proud to make some changes. I’ll keep you all updated.

One interesting comment came from a guy who tweaked my code to eliminate the document.write (which has been the subject of quite a few derogatory comments by diggers) and made a demo where you can see my site progress through all the stylesheets. (Thanks Joseph!)

Also, I’m so embarrassed that my site is still a bit of a mess. I hadn’t quite finished with the redesign, so many interior pages still use the old layout. If I had known I’d be having so many visitors this weekend, I would have been sure to get it all cleaned up! But I hope it hasn’t distracted from your enjoyment of my site.

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2 Responses to “30,000 hits and climbing, Digg it? I've been dug.”

  1. Oh God, Katherine – I’ve been playing around with a time-based stylesheet on my new site layout, thinking to myself “Well, you don’t see many of these,” then, in Googling for some other info, I come across your site!!! :-) Well, it IS a nice idea, isn’t it…? I’ll be sure to drop a link to you once I’m up and running… [smiles publicly, but heads off growling and cursing...]

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