Kings Tickets for Sale

Sep 20 2006

As much as I would love to have the time (and the energy) to attend all 44 home games (including preseason) this year, I thought I’d share the wealth with my friends and coworkers.

Tickets are in Section 203 (center court), Row H, Seats 3/4. Price is face value, which adds up to $96 a pair (preferred parking included). These seats are the first row of $40.50 seats. The row in front of us is $68.50/ticket.

Click here to see the list of tickets that are available. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. I have marked off the games I’m planning on attending myself. If you have a special request, it will be considered (but I can’t promise you anything).

There will also be a number of “last minute” tickets available throughout the season. “Last minute” doesn’t necessarily literally mean “last minute.” I just use that term for those instances that I decide the day of the game (or the day before) that I cannot attend a game that I have tickets for. If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive notices when I have tickets available, let me know.

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